April 29, 2016

"Brilliant!" UF

mber 26, 2016

"I bought your book "When Secrets become Lies" yesterday at Ritchie Seed and Feed in Richmond!

I throughly enjoyed reading it! So much, I couldn't put it down!   

I loved the twist of where Phillipa came from and her birth mother.

 In the thousands of books I have read, that is the first time I have seen that ending!

Thank you!

Keep writing such good books!" DL

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When Secrets Become Lies was written to appeal to all ages



Author, Writer, Teacher, Photographer



            Molly spends her time writing, walking and capturing photos of wild flowers. She is a published author of three other books, Fourteen Cups (a collection of short stories), Wandering Backward (a creative memoir) and Snow Business (a children’s picture book). Her short stories appear regularly in Chicken Soup for the Soul and other anthologies. She lectures at libraries and colleges on writing Flash Fiction and scribing personal memoirs. She spent two years doggedly writing When Secrets Become Lies and another two to get it published.  She is a story teller.

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When Secrets Become Lies 

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Life can throw a curve that changes your entire future. Philippa learns that she may not be who she was raised to be. When her parents are killed in a tragic accident no record of her birth can be found. 

The reader follows Philippa as she moves forward trying to find the answers to her identity. A back story takes the reader to the year of her birth to meet her parents and uncover the mystery of how Philippa became their daughter. 

A year-long journey across Canada takes the reader to different corners of Canada and immerses them in dramatic adventures. Family secrets surface and the mystery deepens.